The HUD is the display that is available throughout the game on every page, it consists of a top bar, a side bar and a chat box.
Top bar
User hud
Side bar hud-0

User Edit

Clicking on your name, you can reach your profile, messages, friends list, settings and to log out.

You can also change your avitar by visiting and registering with the same email address as your Lolmanager account.

Top Bar Edit

The Top bar contains your current balance, your user points, your position in your league, your credits and the in game time. In game time is in UTC.

Side Bar Edit

You can navigate every game menu from the side bar.

Chat box Edit

The chat box lets you quickly chat in real time with other players, you can minimize or close the chat box by clicking the line symbol or the X symbol in the top right corner. To re-open chat after you have closed it, go to Settings, then Preferences and click the "Open chat" button.

Chat box hud