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This is a overview of your team members. It shows you who they are, their wages, their elo, their solo queue Win/Loss rate, contract expiration date and the role that they currently play.

Additionally when you click each player it gives you a drop down menu with options allowing you to control how many solo queue games they play per day (Max of 10), how many streaming sessions they can do per day(Max of 10), and champions to prioritize when playing Solo Queue.

Along the left hand side of the drop down shows you the list of the players skills and how good they are at each skill. It tell you their proficiency in the the following.

  • AD Carry
  • Top Lane
  • Mid Lane
  • Support
  • Jungle
  • Aggression
  • Leadership
  • Technical
  • Personality
  • Reputation

Champions to prioritize in solo queueEdit

Players dropdown

When you instalock (Custom Prioritize Order):

  • You will get better at playing certain champions this is good for team rank, sandbox and league (check your champion skills in the extended player view: Show more info about this player), champion mastery is a powerful system and will distinguish your player from other players.
  • You will probably lose games because you will end up playing the wrong position
  • When you lose games you will also lose player elo
  • Choosing instalock is a tradeoff between gaining Player Elo or Champion mastery

Show more info about this playerEdit

Players more info

At the bottom of the menu is the show more info about this player option. This takes you to a page that gives you additional options to transfer the player and sell his contract off on the transfer market. You start the bidding rate and put the player on the market. Otherwise you can choose to fire the player at a cost - usually the fine of firing a player is the players wages times days times 0.1 - Also includes the fee for a new contract as well.

If you're a subscriber - it allows you to change the players name and update it there and then. Additionally it also gives you the players Solo Queue Statistics - Win/Loss - and Match History.