The games menu is the third menu on the sidebar, located below players and right above strategy. This menu is further divided into three sub-menus. Yours, Upcoming, and History. When you select Games you are automatically directed to the Yours menu.

Yours Edit

This menu is the combination of upcoming and history. It shows the next three games that your team will play and shows the last seven games that your team has played.

Upcoming Edit

This menu shows the next five games that you team will play. It will show more than five if you are a subscriber. This page only displays the upcoming league and team ranked games you will play. It does not showcase sandbox games. Furthermore it will show your opponent and side for your league games but will not show the opponent or side for team ranked games. All games are time stamped in order to tell you how long until they occur.

History Edit

This page shows you the last ten games your team has played. It will show more than ten if you are a subscriber. This page displays all type of games you have played: league, team ranked, and even sandbox. The type of game, your opponent, the side you played on, how long ago the game was, and the outcome are all showcased in this menu.