Fair Play and Player Security Edit

Lolmanager is still reasonably new and under development. Players are currently testing all the limits of the game and the best ways to get the most out of the game. With the game still being under development there will be a lot of bugs that need to be fixed but can be used in a unfair manner. Fair play and player security is at the forefront of Lolmanager. Keeping the game fair to everyone makes a much more enjoyable experience and gives everyone an equal chance of success in all directions that they choose to take their team. With work around the clock from developers and multiple subscribers doing there best to help out where they can, you can be assured that player security is very important for the developers as well as the community.

Current cases of Unfair Play Edit

There will be multiples flaws and loop holes at the moment in the game but below is the list that we are currently aware of and know about.

  1. Multiple Accounts - Even though we don't condone the use of multiple accounts in Lolmanager it still is a easier way to test for bugs by trying things with multiple teams. Unfortunately this still can be used to an unfair advantage for some. We are aware that some players will have more then one account and will use both accounts to save currency - to then purchase high level players from one account to transfer it to the other. They will then continue this pattern to make very good teams to out perform other teams. Making it very unfair on the players market but also very unfair in Ranked and Sandbox games.
  2. Account Bidding - Players use another account to boost the sale price of a player they already have for sale on an additional account. This then provides a unfair and fake price for player to the rest of the community using the market paying more financial currency for a player then they should.
  3. Account Selling Rumors - There have been rumors emerging from the Lolmanager chat of people jokingly talking about selling accounts with high elo teams and players on 3rd party websites. This is still currently under investigation.

Rulings of Unfair Play Edit

As we try to develop the game to be a great experience for the community we take offences of unfair play very seriously. Any investigations that are proven to be a case of unfair play will have the player or players punished. The follow punishments are.

  • Accounts are reset and wiped
  • Accounts are officially banned from the website