The daily update takes place once a day at 20:00 server time. Server time is listed as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), UTC +0.

The game revolves around the daily update, sandbox games are refreshed, players receive training, new staff members are hired, income is received and expenses deducted. If a player or a staff member's contract reaches 0 at the daily update, that player or staff member is removed from your team.

All team ranked games, solo queue and league games are queued to take place that following day in intervals. You cannot make any changes to the games being played for the current day, any changes made will take place at the next daily update.

City Local tme
Sydney 6am
Moscow 11pm
Berlin 10pm
London 9pm
Server time 8pm
Washington DC 4pm
Los Angeles 1pm

Times accurate as of August 2016.