Once you have signed up or logged in, you will be prompted to create your team. You can name your players and assign how your stats will be allocated. Be warned, once you submit your team you cannot reassign the stats you gave them. You can only name your players a name which is not already taken.

You can assign your players one of 5 stats:

Player Stats Edit

Create a team-0

Star Player Edit

A star player will have higher stats in their main role than the other members of your team. They will likely be the best performing player early on in the game and are most effective when assigned to a high impact role in the team.

Team Player Edit

From testing, this player appears to be the weakest statistically; more clarification is needed.

Leader Edit

This player will start with higher leadership stats than the rest of the team. Leadership is currently an undeveloped stat and has no impact on matches as of yet.

Entertainer Edit

The entertainer will start the game with 6 personality points (certification needed), which makes him a more profitable streamer. This player can be used early to increase your revenue.

All Around Edit

This player has an increased spread of stat points in different positions, making them an overall better player in their position than everyone on your team, except for the star player.